IHMC Public Cmaps

        Assessment Plans and Results

            Academic Skills Inventory.doc
            ACAT for Psychology.url
            ACAT Main Web Page.url
            APA Assessment Cyberguide.url
            APA Critique of Assessment Strategies for Learning Objectives.url
            Assessment Instruments.cmap
            assessment plan draft revision a april 13 2005.doc
            assessment plans and results.cmap
            Assessment report 2005 for psychology.doc
            assessment report draft 2004.doc
            Assessments Executive Summary.doc
            assessmernt psychology 2006 finalb.doc
            careers and graduate programs in psychology.url
            faculty survey portion.doc
            Kruger and Zechemeister Student Form 2.doc
            Kruger and Zechmeister Faculty Form.doc
            Kruger presentation.url
            Psychology Assessment department survey.doc